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Valentine Large Female Bust Candle

Valentine Large Female Bust Candle

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Absolutely Stunning!!

These two females will add luxury to any room in your house!

The details on both are amazing!

You have a choice of blindfolded or closed eye OR both.

They are 5” in height.

Fragrance Free

When burning we recommend placing on heat resistant surface. Burn on a candle drip plate, one that is able to continue the wax when it melts This candle burns for about 6 hours.

Hand poured with a soy wax blend

Vegan Friendly

Designed for Decorative Purposes 25”

***As they're handmade, no two will be the same. Please notice that every candle is unique and may have little imperfections. Each of our candles is handmade. Due to the nature of soy wax, the colors may vary slightly from the photos seen here depending on the wax used.

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