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Modern, simple, boho handmade candle. Perfect as a gift or for your own decor!

Two sizes of Rainbow Arch candles.
Large: 6"H, 5.5"L, 1"W
Small: 4.5"H, 2.75"L, 1"W

**Fragrance Free**

These beautiful candles are made in small batches using a Soy Blend Wax.

All of my candles are handmade and so some slight imperfections and color variations are to be expected, but I think that just makes them more special!

The candle may not burn evenly to all sides. Wax can spill over because of the shape of the candles.

Candle Safety - If choose to burn the candle and not use it as decoration, make sure to place a dish or a tray underneath the candle to avoid spilling. The burn time is approximately 45mins. Putting the candle in the fridge before burning prolongs the burning time. Never leave burning candles unattended.

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