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Lady in Veil

Lady in Veil

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Introducing the Veiled Lady Statue Candle, a breathtaking work of art that will add elegance and sophistication to any room in your home.

This stunning statue depicts a graceful and serene lady, her face veiled in a delicate draping of fabric. The intricate details of her flowing gown and the folds of her veil are expertly crafted, creating a timeless and captivating piece that is sure to impress.

Made with 100% high Quality Soy Wax! A perfect addition to your home decor for aesthetically pleasing, elegant touches to your space.

Dimensions: Height: 5.5 Inches; Width: 5 Inches
Burn Time: 30- 40 Hours

My sculptural candles are designed for decorative purposes. If you choose to light them they will burn for a short time depending on the size of the candle you order. Please note that wax spillage is expected. It is important to place them on a heat resistant, deep tray or dish to avoid spillage on furniture.

Please allow slight colour difference due to different monitors and lighting environments.

Due to being handmade, each candle will be unique, therefore air bubbles and slight frosting may be present.
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